Funded Students Theses



Student Research Awards

Erin Bertrand (MC&G)
A protein purification system to develop proteomic markers of vitamin B12 stress in coastal phytoplankton populations

Michael Holcomb (G&G)
Identifying calcium carbonate phases in coral skeletons

Rachel Horwitz (PO)
Sediment dynamics on the inner shelf

Andrew McDonnell (MC&G)
Sinking particle fluxes and subsurface particle processes

Abigail Noble (MC&G)
Efficient measurement of dissolved cobalt and other trace metals via ICP-MS

Colleen Petrik (BIO)
Modeling studies focused on larval fish

Louie Wurch (BIO)
Research Year 2: Characterization of the Emiliania and Aureococcus transcriptomes and how they respond to nutrient stress


Student Research Awards

Jonathan Blythe (BIO)
Biomechanics of Cyprid Adhesion

Michael Brosnahan (BIO)
Laser Catapult Isolation of Alexandrium Cyst Samples for Molecular Analyses

James Sáenz (MC&G)
Developing a Molecular Proxy for Marine Cyanobacteria in Coastal Environments

Ratsirin Supcharoen (MC&G)
Vertical and horizontal Exchanges in the eastern Bering Sea

Louie Wurch (BIO)
Characterization of the Emiliania and Aureococcus transcriptomes and how they respond to nutrient stress

Student Fellow Support

Dan Rogers
Research interests are microbe-mineral interactions; ocean crust alteration; molecular methods for exploring microbial ecosystems; biogeochemistry of deep-sea and hydrothermal microorganisms; novel techniques for accessing in situ chemical and biological parameters of microbial ecosystems; biogeochemistry of iron in basalt and submarine volcanic glass


Student Research Awards

Jonathan Blythe (BIO)
Topographic influences on barnacle recruitment

Matt Jackson (MC&G)
Long-term slip-rate measurement on an ocean island fault scarp by 3He surface exposure dating: Implications for coastal erosion due to island flank failure and resulting tsunamis

Christine Mingione (BIO)
Analysis of species-specific bivalve larval growth and condition in Waquoit Bay , MA

Mark Rapo (AOP&E)
Hydrodynamic signal perception in predator-prey interactions using CFD methods

James Saenz (MC&G)
An international collaboration aimed at investigating the presence and significance of anammox in coastal aquifers that are characterized by seawater-freshwater exchange

Jonathan Woodruff (G&G)
Typhoon and Asian monsoon reconstructions from southern Japan


Student Fellow Support -J. Woodruff
Research interests are coastal systems and geomorphology, sediment transport and disposition during extreme coastal flooding, paleotempestology


Student Fellow Support -C. Moffat
Research on understanding the circulation of the coastal ocean of the shelf west of the Antarctic Peninsula


Student Fellow Support -F. Hoefel
Coastal processes and sediment transport on beaches

Student Fellow Support -J. Ruzicka


Student Fellow Support -A. Draut

Undergradate Students Support
COI Funded Project: Submarine Groundwater Discharge: Identification and Quantification via Remote Sensing, Hydrologic Sampling, and Geochemical Tracers
A. Mulligan and M. Charette


L. Kalnejais
Studies the mechanisms which lead to the release of metal contaminants from coastal sediments
COI Funded Project: Investigating the Effect of Sediment Resuspension on Anthropogenic Metal Transport in Massachusetts Bay
W. R. Martin

H. Handley
Transcriptional regulation by ligand-activited receptors, evolution of the cytochrome P450 gene superfamily, and mechanisms of developmental and reproductive toxicity
COI Funded Project: Genomic Approaches to Assessing the Global Impact of Marine Pollution
J. J. Stegeman and M. E. Hahn

J. Tolli

Identity and dynamics of the microbial community responsible for carbon monoxide oxidation in the Marine Environments
COI Funded Project: Dynamics and Microbiology of Coastal Marine Carbon Monoxide Bio-Oxidation
C. D. Taylor and J. D. Tolli


H. Hunt
Spatial variation in bibalve recruitment: the roles of postlarval transport and predation


Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry Student Support
The aqueous chemistry and bioaccumulation of trace metals by phytoplankton in heavily impacted harbors and their relationship of the ecological assessment of water quality


D. Nowacek
Study of foraging behavior of wild cetaceans, bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus
Proposal Title: The Role of Echolocation and Passive Listening in Foraging Free-Ranging Bottlenose Dolphins, Tursiops truncatus


D. Fong
Travel to Liege, Belgium for 27th International Liege Colloquium on Ocean
Hydrodynamics: Processes in Regions of Freshwater Influence

Biology Student Support
MFO Reactions in Marine Mammals in Massachusetts-Cape Cod Bays

P. Miller
Vocalizations of Marine Mammals Using Multi-hydrophone Arrays

G. Sancho
Travel to Perform Experiments on Diel Vertical Migrations of Larval Fish


M. Allison
A Planning Visit Concerning Collaborative Research on Sedimentation and Subsidence in the Ganges-Brahmaputra River Delta Plain

D. Redish
Development of signature whistles of bottlenose dolphin calves born in captivity


Chemistry Student Travel Support
Rapid Response Funds For Sampling The Mississippi River During Flooding