Erin Banning, Biology*

Examination of predatory behavior of coastal Flavobacterial isolates

Skylar Bayer, Biology

Summer larval Biology course at Friday Harbor Labs

Dave Griffith, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry

The fate of natural and synthetic steroidal estrogens in the coastal ocean

Joanna Gyory, Biology

Spawning when it's dirty outside: Why being released during turbid conditions could save barnacle larvae from death by cannibalism

Elizabeth Halliday, Biology

A quantitative, molecular method to rapidly identify viable fecal indicator bacteria in beach sand

Wu-Jung Lee, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering*

Broadband acoustic prey recognition by Toothed Whales

Abigail Noble, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry

Cycling of cobalt, iron, and manganese in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica

Camilo Ponton, Geology & Geophysics

Climate control of continental margins architecture: The Godavari delta (India)

Meredith White, Biology

Effects of Ocean Acidification on the larval and juvenile development of the green sea urchin Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis and the bay scallop Argopecten irradians

Nick Woods, Physical Oceanography

Development of a vertical current meter to measure vertical velocity associated with coupled physical-biological zooplankton aggregation mechanisms

*Jointly funded by the Coastal Ocean Institute & the Ocean Life Institute