Instrument Loan


Modern coastal instrumentation, including wave gauges, current meters, and pressure sensors, are available for use by COI/RCRC investigators. Many of these listed items may require funding for consumable supplies (core liners, chain bags, reagents, etc.) calibration, insurance and other costs. Availability of any particular instrument is subject to owner scheduling; contact the listed owner directly for more information.

» COI/RCRC's CTD systems

Shipboard Instrumentation:
Integrated Navigation and Data Acquisition system
Dave Aubrey, G&G

1,200 kHz RDI workhorse ADCP
Rocky Geyer, AOP&E

100 & 500 kHz SideScan Sonar
Dave Aubrey, G&G

Benthic samplers:
1/10 m2 Smith McIntyre Grab, 1/25 m2 Benthic Grab with stand
George Hampson, BIO

220 kHz Echo-sounder
Gene Terray, AOP&E

Submersible Light Meter
Anne Giblin, MBL

Hydrolab Sampler
Anne Giblin, MBL

Handheld VHF Radio
Matthew Gould, AOP&E

Moored Instrumentation:

SeaTech Transmissometers
Sandy Williams, AOP&E, (5)

Sea-Bird SBE-19 CTD
Rocky Geyer, AOP&E; Steve Lentz, PO,,(10)

Directional Wave Gauge
Dave Aubrey, G&G

3-sensor Electro-magnetic Current Meter
Dave Aubrey, G&G

Pressure/temperature Logger
Dave Aubrey, G&G

Endeco WaveTrack Buoy with met & telemetry
Gene Terray, AOP&E

BASS Current Meters Arrays
Sandy Williams, AOP&E, (2)

Single-wire Wave Staff
Gene Terray, AOP&E

Gyro/accelerometer attitude/motion-sensing package
Gene Terray, AOP&E

Laboratory Instrumentation:

Laboratory x-y Acoustic Current Meter
Gene Terray, AOP&E

Turner Fluorometer
Don Anderson, BIO

Computers, A/D boards, LoPacs DAQ system, Tattletales, etc.
Gene Terray, AOP&E

Large Shared-Use Equipment Maintained by OSS
Barrie Walden

Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers
Bathymetric Recorders
Hull Mounted Transducers — 3.5 kHz & 12 kHz
XBT Systems (Deck units, launchers, control computers/data loggers)
Ashtech 3DF GPS
Satellite communications, basic equipment for voice and data transmission.
Ship Parameters data logging and display systems: (time, ship speed, heading, meteorological sensors, surface water sensors, and position, OMEGA, Loran-C, GPS)
Long-Baseline Acoustic Navigation Systems
Pingers and Tracking Transponders
Portable Laboratory Vans
Radioisotope Vans
Water Purification/Deionization Systems

Misc. Portable Equipment:

Basic Level 1 CTD systems (Neil Brown, Sea Bird SeaCat)
Water Sampling Equipment: Rosettes, Niskin bottles, Messengers, Reversing Thermometers (and frames)
Sediment Sampling Equipment: Standard Piston corer, Large diameter gravity corer, Dredges, Box Corers
Miscellaneous: Refrigerators and freezers, Laboratory Salinometers, Oxygen Titration Equipment, Nutrient Analysis Equipment