WHOI  WHOI People  

United States (St. Petersburg / Tampa, FL)

Master R/V Ship Name
Attn: Scientist's Name
c/o Fillette Green Shipping Services Corp.
3333 West Kennedy Blvd., Suite 207
Tampa, FL 33609

Phone: (813) 348-1481
Fax: (813) 348-1400

Email: tpa@fillettegreen.com

Contacts: Christian Pundsack, General Manager, Mobile: (813) 356-8744
                 Jozef Pachcinski, Operations Manager, Mobile: (813) 624-3954
                 Jorge Calderone, Agent, Mobile: (813) 356-8740

Note: Agent and WHOI contacts should be copied on all communications.  It is requested that shipment information of any equipment be communicated to the Agent and WHOI contacts

Please use the following address for all shipments of 40 pounds or over to St. Petersburg and note that Forward Air (Hasty Air leases space from Forward Air) closes at noon on Saturday and is closed on Sunday.

R/V Ship Name
Attn:  Scientist's Name
Hasty Air Freight, Inc. 
c/o Forward Air
7010 Benjamin Road, Suite 110
Tampa, Florida 33634

Phone:  (813) 960-7442
FAX:    813-960-2313

E-MAIL:  hastyair@hastyairfreight.com

Contacts:  Dennis: 813-917-6811 - mobile
                 Derek: 813-917-6812 - mobile
                 Mary Ann – Accounting: 813-917-6804- mobile


Last updated: May 22, 2014