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R/V Atlantis cruise AT18-16, ROV Jason images.
Cruise intentions are to characterize the geology, geochemistry, microbiology and macrobiology of two new hydrothermal fields on the Mid-Cayman Rise: The Piccard hydrothermal field at ~5000m depth near 18° 33'N, 81°43'W and the Von Damm hydrothermal field at ~2300m depth near 18° 23'N, 81° 48'W.
Caption from Oceanus magazine, Vol. 53, No. 2, pg. 53 as a Headline page for the Harbors/Seafloor section:
Cameras aboard the remotely operated vehicle Jason took these images of hydrothermal vent chimneys jutting out from the seafloor on the Mid-Cayman Rise, miles below the surface of the Caribbean Sea.

(Photo courtesy of Chris German, WHOI/NSF/ROV Jason/2012 © Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)


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