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What you will find here

  • About WHOI – Learn more about the world’s largest private, non-profit oceanographic institution
  • News – Read the latest from WHOI and email Oceanus magazine articles or news releases to yourself
  • Ships and Vehicles – Browse WHOI’s fleet of ships and underwater vehicles
  • Image of the Day – Take a look at what WHOI is all about with a new image every day
  • Multimedia – View some of WHOI’s most recent interactives, videos, and audio slideshows
  • Places to Visit – Navigate the village of Woods Hole and learn about everything to see in town
  • Events – Lectures, workshops, and more
  • Join our Community – Learn how to keep up with the latest in the world of oceanography

Additional Help
If you need additional assistance, please ask for Joanne Tromp in the Information Office.


  • Touch a button on the side or bottom of the screen to navigate to any of the other pages.
  • To start over, touch the banner or the home button at the top of the screen.
  • If a page has sub-navigation, it will be located on the left of the page. All pages except the Image of the Day and Multimedia have sub-navigation.

Right Column Additional Information
Most pages have related information in the right column. To view any of these related multimedia files touch one of the images. In some cases it may take a moment for the file to load.

Email the full article to yourself
The News section shows the most recent Oceanus magazine stories and WHOI news releases. Select a story to email yourself—a keyboard and a submission form will appear. Use the keyboard to enter your name and email address and then touch Submit.

Sign up for WHOI’s email notices
You can choose to receive WHOI’s monthly email newsletter or email notification of new Oceanus stories or both. On the Join Our Community page, tap inside the Name and Email field to bring up the keyboard and then touch Submit.

Become a Member
Sign up to receive more information on becoming a WHOI member by selecting the Become a Member tab under Join Our Community page.