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Stories from Oceanus Magazine and Woods Hole Currents

January 24, 2006

Flying Blind in the Ice Factory

Scientists test innovative technology to navigate vehicles under Arctic ice
Source: Oceanus Magazine
January 28, 2005


Navy-sponsored research spawns a new generation of underwater vehicles
Source: Oceanus Magazine
Palmer Station at night
June 30, 2005

Seafloor Reconnaissance Reveals Hidden Dangers Off Antarctica

Science team discovers potential navigation hazard near research station
Source: Oceanus Magazine
Between Iraq and a Hard Place
July 1, 2003

Between Iraq and a Hard Place

REMUS proves its mettle in war and peace

WHOI News Releases

Scientists Map Ocean Floor Near Palmer Station in Antarctica
June 8, 2005

Scientists Map Ocean Floor Near Palmer Station in Antarctica

Reveal Hidden Dangers to Passing Ships
Source: Media Relations

In the News

Pink Terraces

REMUS finds lost 8th Wonder of the World

New Zealand's lost 'eighth wonder of the world' is found using REMUS-100 after 125 years of dissappearance.
New Zealand Herald, February 3, 2011

REMUS Sidescan Sonar Air France

What Happened to Air France Flight 447?

REMUS 6000 vehicles found the wreckage and black boxes of Air France Flight 447
The New York Times Magazine, May 4th 2011

REMUS 3D Multibeam

REMUS uncovers three coral reefs

An inaugural expedition using REMUS-6000 AUVs to survey, map and identify larage areas of ocean bottom has uncovered three never-been-identified Lophelia coral reefs.  The seven day mission has revealed extraordinary data about the relatively unknown deep water reefs just off Florida's coast.

National Geographic Kukulya

Outfitting Deepwater Robots

National Geographic Adventure, published October 2009
Innovators: The Big,  Record-Breaking, Green, Disease-Busting, Deap-Sea, Crime-Fighting IDEAS for 2009.


Marine Archaeology:Davy Jones' Lock-up

The Economist, December 17, 2009
Underwater robots can help study the world’s shipwrecks, a trove of information about the past, more easily and cheaply.


In the Swim, GPS Guides Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

By Marty Whitford
GPS World, April 1, 2005

What lies beneath?

By Peter N. Spotts
Christian Science Monitor, Oct. 2003

Men, Mammals, and Machines

Office of Naval Research, June 2003