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Research Projects

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A list of some of the projects that researchers within the Deep Submergence Laboratory are currently working on.

ceramic sample

Ancient DNA in ceramic artifacts
Brendan Foley, Research Associate III
Ancient DNA can reveal the original contents of empty ceramic archaeological artifacts. Recently we conducted proof-of-concept trials by applying molecular biology procedures to two 2400 year-old ceramic jars recovered from the Greek shipwreck located between Chios and Oinousses.

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Laser Raman Spectroscopy

Laser Raman Spectroscopy for use at Hydrothermal Vent and Cold Seep Sites
Sheri N. White, Assistant Scientist
Developing the techniques and instrumentation needed to make qualitative and quantitative in situ measurements of minerals and dissolved gases; and hydrothermal plume particles (post-doc Chip Breier).

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buoy mounted aerosol sampler

WHOI's buoy mounted aerosol sampler on the Bermuda Testbed Mooring.

Measuring Aerosol Iron Deposition to the Open Ocean
Sheri N. White, Assistant Scientist
Developing the technique of visible reflectance spectroscopy for integration with the WHOI buoy-mounted aerosol sampler for quantitatively measuring aerosol iron deposition to the open ocean.

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Last updated: June 10, 2008

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