Climate Dynamics of the Common Era


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The term Common Era refers to the last ~2000 years, but it also has a scientific connotation, as this is the era common to paleoclimate reconstructions, observational data, and simulations from state-of-the-art climate models. I leverage these sources of climate information to better understand variability on decadal and longer timescales—things like “megadroughts” over the Southwest and trends in tropical Pacific sea surface temperatures. My work typically involves the development and implementation of novel statistical methods, including machine learning, as well as the use of climate modelling—particularly with the National Center for Atmospheric Research models.

Examples of potential projects include: 1) Using machine learning to better understand the characteristics of heat waves and droughts in both space and time; and 2) Analyzing historical trends in the tropical Pacific ocean, a critical region for global climate with an uncertain response to human-driven climate change.

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