Fisheries Oceanography/Larval Fish Ecology


Joel Llopiz

Research in our lab focuses on aspects related to the early life stages of fish (e.g. feeding, growth, mortality, distribution) as well the interactions between zooplanktivorous fishes, their prey, and the physical environment. We have several ongoing projects projects that a Summer Student Fellow could be a part of, including the larval and juvenile ecology of river herring, settlement dynamics of coral reef fish larvae in the Virgin Islands, sand lance feeding dynamics on Stellwagen Bank, diets and stable isotopes of small pelagic fishes from the NE US continental shelf, and larval tuna distributions and growth in the Pacific and Atlantic. Depending on the fellow’s project, there’s the likelihood of participating in research cruises, whether they are for collecting tuna larvae off the NE US, sand lance on Stellwagen Bank and Nantucket Shoals, or plankton and fish on the continental shelf south of Martha’s Vineyard. 


Joel Llopiz's Lab