Air-Sea Interface


Carol Anne Clayson

I am a physicist who is interested in understanding the processes affecting the coupling of the ocean and atmosphere system through the air-sea interface, and how this affects weather and climate variability. These processes are studied through a variety of analyses using in situ data, satellite data, and model results. Potential projects for a SSF would include: (1) data analysis of in situ and satellite data upper ocean, lower atmosphere, and flux data my group recently measured in the tropical Eastern Pacific. (2) An analysis of the variability of global air-sea fluxes with respect to weather variability and climate indices like ENSO. (3) Comparisons of satellite flux data with the output from current global climate models (the CMIP results). (4)  Modeling of the upper ocean and comparisons with in situ data to better understand the effects of rainfall on salinity variability.

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