Air-sea interaction and climate dynamics


Hyodae Seo

I am a climate scientist and numerical modeler, with a broad range of research interests in oceanic and atmospheric processes and their interactions relating to climate. My research focuses on dynamics of air-sea interaction in a variety of geographical areas and under different climate regimes to better understand their impacts on regional climate variability, change, and predictability. This research interest is pursued by using numerical models of the ocean and the atmosphere, theory of the geophysical fluid dynamics, and the satellite and in situ data. Potential projects for SSF would include: the role of the ocean eddies and western boundary currents in the extratropical atmospheric circulation and basin-scale climate variability; coastal upwelling and air-sea interaction in the eastern boundary upwelling systems, air-sea interaction in the ice-covered high-latitude oceans; the monsoon intraseasonal oscillations in the Indian Ocean; the diurnal cycle of SST and atmospheric convection in the tropical oceans.

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