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July 10, 2015 - ESP Update

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Hi everyone,
ESPjake on ESP-3 mooring, deployed in eastern Maine coastal waters in
mid-June, continues to show consistent NA1 probe signals for
/Alexandrium fundyense/ in the 300-400 cells/Liter range. One spike
measured on Tuesday afternoon, July 7, exceeded 900 cells/L.
Please see the latest time series for ESPjake's data at:
Fortunately, we were sampling in the area earlier this week with
multiple samplings at the ESP-3 mooring site. Please see the attached
file showing a map of the live counts posted at each station along two
cross-shore transects in the eastern Maine region. Note that the highest
counts (>1000-2000 cells/L) were offshore in the Maine coastal current
system extending out to about 20 nautical miles offshore, with lower
counts observed inshore. The highest concentrations appear to be very
patchy as shown in the spike at ESP-3 during Tuesday's afternoon
sampling at ESPjake. Note also that we observed >2000 cells/L at Station
5, but that population could not be found again when we relocated on
that station just a few hours later in the day.
/Alexandrium/ sp. Live counts from 3 separate sampling times at the
mooring site during the day of July 7 (0837, 1015, 1542 hours) were
consistently at about 700 cells/Liter for each sampling time, while the
mooring recorded 344 and 944 cells/Liter over two separate 75 minute
time integrated sampling times (1015 to 1130 and 1515 to 1430 hours,
respectively), thus, the ESP estimates were in the same range as the
preliminary microscope observations at sea.
ESPjake is currently on a 6 day/week sampling schedule until the end of
July, afterwhich, all 3 moorings will be recovered in early August, so
please check back in to see ESPjake's progress during the month of July.
Summer is finally here in New England, so enjoy your weekend,
Bruce Keafer
Research Associate (ESP lab - Dr. Don Anderson)
Laboratory for Ocean Sensors and Observing Systems (LOSOS)
Mail Stop 57
Woods Hole Oceanographic Instituion
Woods Hole, MA 02543
508-289-2509 (LOSOS office and ESP lab)

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