Long Chain Algal Hydrocarbons


Inventor: Christopher Reddy
Serial #: 13/298,576

Applications:A novel method for using measured fossil fuel-derived carbon content in biofuel products to guide the design and modification of large quantities of isolated long-chain insoluble hydrocarbons (alkenones) from specific algal species for commercial hydrocarbon production such as methane fuels and chemicals. 

 Technology: An estimated yield of 5 to 7 metric tons of total alkenones can be isolated from a single hectare of cultured algae per year.  The long chain alkenones produced by the inventive methods and compositions are ideal for technologies that use high temperature liquid metal chemistry to convert hydrocarbons. One key highlight for this approach is that it may only need the algae cells and not the algae oil necessary for the production of biodiesel and green diesel, which will eliminate several costly steps for biodiesel and green diesel, such as solvent extraction. Patent pending.