De-Salination Technology


Inventor: Matt Charette
Serial #: 7,997,148

Applications: Submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) is an underutilized water supply source for desalination processes to produce fresh water. This invention describes a method for intercepting SGD using a network of seepage meters to locate these water sources in estuaries and other candidate locations to measure the potential yield for generating potable water.

Technology: A dye-dilution seepage meter is employed as a device for locating water sources to test for flows of groundwater by monitoring changes in the absorbance of the dye. In areas of suspected SGD, the meters can be deployed to quantify the potential yield and quality (e.g. salt content) of the resource. Regarding the water quality, it is important to note that even brackish water sources can greatly reduce the energy needed to achieve potable water by desalination processes.