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Expanding the Scientific Arsenal

For the first time, HD-YLAKE scientists used ocean-bottom seismographs (OBSs) to detect motions on a lake bottom, adapting them for fresh water. MIT-WHOI Joint Program graduate student Paris Smalls (right) steadies the OBS while WHOI engineer Tim Kane sets the anchor. In the summer of 2017, researchers will deploy a network of ten OBSs in Yellowstone Lake to try to detect hot gases percolating up through lake sediments. (Rob Sohn, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
WHOI engineer Greg Packard (above right) and consultant Greg Kurras retrieve WHOI’s autonomous underwater vehicle REMUS from the lake. They obtained high-resolution maps of the lake floor (right), showing pockmarks created by hot fluids discharging at the bottom. (Rob Sohn, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
Enter WHOI scientist Maurice Tivey, who towed a magnetometer near the lake floor to measure telltale magnetic properties of rocks. The data may reveal clues to chemical reactions near the lake floor and the formation of underlying lava flows deeper down. (HD-YLAKE, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
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