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Images: Where Currents Collide

Veteran seagoing WHOI researchers Craig Marquette (left) and Will Ostrom deploy a mooring with tiny temperature probes from R/V Oceanus during a gale off Cape Hatteras. (Photo by Chris Linder, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
Off Cape Hatteras, the warm, salty Gulf Stream (red, orange, and yellow) collides with a cold, fresh, southerly coastal current (dark blue), creating ocean "fronts."
A research expedition aboard R/V Oceanus battled high seas and rough weather off Cape Hatteras in January 2005.
WHOI engineer Craig Marquette secures the door to the wet lab after recovery of a CTD (on deck).
WHOI physical oceanographer Glen Gawarkiewicz relays information from the bridge to the fantail.
(Left to right) Brian Kidd of the University of Delaware, and Will Ostrom and Glen Gawarkiewicz of WHOI recover the Scanfish, a towed vehicle that measures temperature and salinity.
Dolphins cavort amid steep waves and ?sea smoke? off Cape Hatteras. The ?smoke? is created when cold winter air meets the relatively warm waters of the Gulf Stream. (Photo © Chris Linder)
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