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Naomi Czupryna

I have worked as a supporting element throughout my career, and now I am lucky to support the scientists within the Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering department. My role covers initial proposal research and preparation and flows into project and budget management.

What is the most fun here at WHOI is that there is so much knowledge-sharing and teamwork. It reminds me of my favorite unit when I was in the Army; we called it the "magic unit" because everything that seemed like it was going to be daunting flowed easily when everyone pitched in with compassion and empathy. That willingness to work toward the same goal was paramount to success. WHOI seems to be a similar place where people come together and build greatness, whether that's in their relationships or the projects they work on. No one is working alone here.

I feel very empowered to run my own schedule and support the staff in the best way that works for me, which I think continues the positivity and willingness to build a better team. Everyone I've met knows I have children and that my family schedule might be crazy sometimes, but they know and trust I will make my deadlines and support the team, even if it doesn't quite hit the normal 9-5 schedule.