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Mary Lardie Gaylord⁠

I work in the sample preparation laboratory at the National Ocean Sciences Accelerator Mass Spectrometry facility, working with samples for radiocarbon analysis. I love meeting new people and training them on our instruments to get their work done. Over the years, I have worked more and more with guest students, post docs, and investigators in my lab. I love learning about their work– and as a “technical educator,” I try to make sure they have a positive successful experience because they are the future faces of science.⁠

Over my 20 years here, I’ve noticed lately that WHOI has been doing better at trying to build a sense of community and to solicit ideas from all different levels of staff. Shout out to the technical staff training funds, because they have been very helpful to expand my knowledge. I went from being "just a research assistant" to thinking I had a role at the table of driving what it means to be a member of an ocean science research facility. I really hope this continues.⁠