Cruise Planning


Preparing for a seagoing expedition involves many months (often years) of planning. There are many forms and documents to prepare; there are many criteria to be met and logistical issues to sort out; there are even issues of personal preparation. The most successful research cruises are typically the ones that are planned early, with an awareness of both the big picture and the fine details. To start, please indicate if you are using :
» Ships
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And, review the following resources:
» Ship/ROV Schedules
» Agent Information
» Cruise Planning Questionnaire
» Cruise Synopsis
» Logistics
» WHOI Winch Pool
» Cruise Forms
» Ship & NDSF Contacts
» COI Small Boat Fleet
» Shared Equipment
» Vessel Chartering (pdf)
» Wood Packing Material -WPM Regulations
» Related Links
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