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Jaida Elcock

I’m a @mitpics -WHOI joint program student, working towards my PhD in Biological #Oceanography. My thesis focuses on #basking #sharks that migrate through #StellwagenBank National Marine Sanctuary– basically figuring out why they migrate and the impacts of that migration on their body condition. This #research is important to better understand our #oceans and how everything is connected. We may not think of sharks as essential for the everyday function of our oceans, but they play an important role in the ecosystem and are being affected by our actions. I think it’s important to understand the ocean and our connection to it if we want to better ourselves and our planet.⁠

The #WHOI community is filled with wonderful supporters and collaborators who help make science more fun and exciting. When I’m taking classes at #WHOI_AVAST and seeing people working on million-dollar robots, I feel like I’m at the epicenter of ocean research. The technology here is so exciting and I'm exploring the ways it can help me answer my many questions about sharks– including satellite tags, drones, and more!⁠