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Laura Robinson

»MIS 7
»Uranium in New Zealand
»Bahamas U / Th / Pa
»Deglacial Radiocarbon
»231Pa/230Th in the Indian Ocean
»Nd in corals
»U in deep sea corals
»U in Dry Valleys Lakes
»Younger Dryas 14C
»Bahamas sediment dating
»Deep-sea coral ages
»Ancient DNA in deep water corals
»Mg and Sr in deep sea corals
»Southern Ocean evidence for reduced export of North Atlantic Deep Water during Heinrich Event 1
» Low Reservoir Ages for the Surface Ocean from mid-Holocene Florida Corals
»Measurement of adsorbed and total 232Th/230Th ratios from marine sediments

Robinson L.F., Henderson G.M. and Slowey N.C. , U-Th dating of marine isotope stage 7 in Bahamas slope sediments, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 196 (3-4), 175-187, 2002

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