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Volatile Fluxes Through the Northern Kamchatkan Volcanic Arc

Klyuchevsky volcano, located in northern Kamchatka is one of the most active and productive volcanoes in the world. It has been proposed that this exceptional productivity is related to a tear in the subducting Pacific plate which allows for influx of fertile mantle material to a region characterized by a high degree of melting due to fluid inputs from the subducting Pacific plate. Fluids released from sediments and the oceanic lithosphere of the subducting plate play a pivotal role in the melting process beneath volcanic arc systems. Through combined gas and melt inclusion work, this study aims to 1) test whether the absolute flux of volatiles such as CO2 and SO2 from Klyuchevsky volcano is high relative to other arc volcanoes given its high magma productivity, and 2) evaluate whether the influx of fertile melt has modified the melting process at Klyuchevsky volcano.

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