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» Lab members and colleagues
» M/V Cosco Busan oil spill in San Francisco (November 2007)
» R/V Cape Hatteras cruise (Summer 2004)
» R/V Oceanus cruise (April 2004)
» Isolating organic compounds from blubber
» Santa Barbara (CA) oil seeps
» Bouchard 120 oil spill (April 2003)
» Lowes Cove, ME
» R/V New Horizon cruise (Spring 2001)
» Pettaquamscutt River, RI (April 1999)
» Winsor Cove (Bouchard 65 oil spill 1974)
» Wild Harbor Marsh (Florida oil spill 1969)

Photo Gallery: Wild Harbor Marsh (Florida oil spill 1969)

In September 1969, the oil barge Florida spilled 700,000 liters of diesel fuel in Buzzards Bay near West Falmouth, MA. This site is one of the most well-studied oil spills in history due to the excellent work of Max Blumer, John Teal and his graduate student Kathy Burns, Howard Sanders and his colleague George Hampson, and John Farrington. To investigate the long-term fate of the spilled oil, we began an intensive study in 2000. Colleagues include Rick Gaines and Glenn Frysinger of the US Coast Guard Academy and Ivan Valiela and Jen Culbertson of Boston University.

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