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Docking station
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Testing fouling impacts on mechanical and electrical functions of dock (Amy Kukulya)

Seafloor Docking with a REMUS-100 AUV; Long Term Engineering Trials with second generation dock

Ben Allen, Roger Stokey

A project I am engaged in is with our seafloor docking program.  In an age of long term autonomy testing and underwater observatories, our second generation docking station is a valuable piece of R&D for our lab.  I have done extensive maintenance and mechanical modifications to the dock and two different REMUS vehicles dedicated to our docking program.  Troubleshooting and maintenance includes replacing electrical (wires, components) tracing GFIs, long term fouling and mechanical performance and vehicle sensor integration and testing.  Astute attention to detail is needed in analyzing vehicle performance and long term testing is essential.  To date, I have deployed the dock seven times and have run dozens of missions with multiple vehicles while making programming and mechanical improvements on the fly.   My role is to continue to evaluate dock and vehicle performance with local field testing and to make the necessary changes for longevity and robust performance.

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