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TOI Processing Line and Mass Spectrometer
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Rachel Stanley and PEP student, Melika Uter, with Rachel's Triple Oxygen Isotope processing line and mass spectrometer. This is one of the systems that will be tested in the TOI Intercalibration Study. (PEP Program)

Triple Oxygen Isotope Intercalibration Study

Osamu Abe (Nagoya University) Michael Bender (Princeton University) Chuck Hopkinson (University of Georgia) Boaz Luz (Hebrew University) Nathaniel Ostrom (Michigan State University) Paul Quay (University of Washington) Maria Prokopenko (UCLA) VSS Sarma (National Insitute of Oceanography)

Triple oxygen isotopes (TOI) are a powerful tool for quantifying gross primary production. These isotopes are increasingly being measured throughout the worlds oceans. Modeling efforts have been started to inform a global view of gross primary production. In order to be able to compare TOI measured in one location to another, often by different lab groups, it is imperative to know that all lab groups are measuring TOI in the same way. Therefore, I am leading an intercalibration study where the research groups that measure TOI in dissolved oxygen in seawater will compare analyses. The study will have four parts designed to test each step of the TOI analysis procedure:TOI analysis will occur in (1) gas standards (O2 & Ar mixture and atmospheric air); (2) homogenous water samples prepared in the same way as Andrew Dickson's CO2 standards; (3) equilibrated water samples; (4) ocean water as collected at the Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study (BATS) site. This project is funded by the National Science Foundation

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