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Raman spectroscopy Papers

FILE » White, 2010
White, S. N., Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of CO2 and CH4 dissolved in water and seawater using Laser Raman Spectroscopy, Appl. Spec., 64, 819-827, 2010.

» Breier, White & German, 2010
Breier, J. A., S. N. White, and C. R. German, Mineral-microbe interactions in deep-sea hydrothermal systems: a challenge for Raman spectroscopy, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A, 368, 3067-3086, 2010.

» Moore, et al., 2009
Moore, C., A. Barnard, P. Fietzek, M. R. Lewis, H. M. Sosik, S. N. White, O. Zelinski, Optical tools for ocean monitoring and research, Ocean Sci., 5, 661-684, 2009.

» White, 2009
White, S. N., Laser Raman spectroscopy as a technique for identification of seafloor hydrothermal and cold seep minerals, Chem. Geol., 259, 240-252, 2009.

» Hester, et al., 2007
Hester, K. C., R. M. Dunk, S. N. White, P. G. Brewer, E. T. Peltzer, and E. D. Sloan, Gas hydrate measurements at Hydrate Ridge using Raman spectroscopy, Geochem. Cosmochem. Acta, 71, 2947-2959, 2007.

» White, et al., 2006
White, S. N., R. M. Dunk, P. G. Brewer, E. T. Peltzer, and J. J. Freeman, In situ Raman analyses of deep-sea hydrothermal and cold seep systems (Gorda Ridge & Hydrate Ridge), Geochem. Geophys. Geosys., 7, doi:10.1029/2005GC001204, 2006.

» Pasteris, et al., 2004
Pasteris, J. D., B. Wopenka, J. Freeman, P. G. Brewer, S. N. White, E. T. Peltzer, G.E. Malby, Raman spectroscopy in the deep ocean: successes and challenges, Appl. Spectrosc.,  58 (7), 195A-208A, 2004.

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