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WHOI's buoy mounted aerosol sampler on the Bermuda Testbed Mooring.

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A time series from May-October 2004 showing two dust events detected by the aerosol sampler and the Tudor Hill tower. (Ed Sholkovitz)

Using Visible Reflectance Spectroscopy to Measure Aerosol Iron

Ed Sholkovitz (WHOI-MC&G), Norm Farr (WHOI-AOPE), Phoebe Lam (WHOI-MC&G)

Iron is an important limiting nutrient for phytoplankton and some bacteria. A major source of iron to the open ocean is the atmospheric transport and deposition of iron-bearing mineral dust from arid continental regions (e.g., Saharan Africa). The WHOI buoy-mounted aerosol sampler collects filter samples of aerosol dust. Visible reflectance spectroscopy can be used to detect iron in the samples.

WHOI's Buoy-mounted Aerosol Sampler


White, S. N., E. R. Sholkovitz, and N. Farr, Visible reflectance spectroscopy on a buoy-mounted aerosol sampler: development of a sensor for quantifying the deposition of mineral dust to the oceans, IEEE/MTS Oceans 2006, IEEE Press, Boston, MA, September 2006.

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