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Dana R Yoerger

»Robust Trajectory Control
»Thruster Dynamics 1
»Tow cable Dynamics 1
»Jason Vent Site Mapping
»Mothra Site Geology
»ABE Bathy 1
»ashkelon mapping
»Lost City
»Thruster Dynamics 2
»Robot transmissions
»Compliant Manipulator
»Techniques for Deep Sea Near Bottom Survey

D. R. Yoerger, M. Jakuba, A.M. Bradley, B. Bingham,, Techniques for Deep Sea Near Bottom Survey Using an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, International Journal of Robotics Research, January 2007

This paper reports the development and at-sea deployment of a set of algorithms that have enabled the autonomous underwater vehicle ABE to conduct near-bottom surveys in the deep sea. Algorithms for long baseline acoustic positioning, terrain-following, and automated nested surveys are reported.

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