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Research Associate
Coastal Ocean Institute
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
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1960-1965 New Bedford Institute of Technology, undergraduate chemistry major. University of Rhode Island (B.S., agricultural chemistry, 1965).

1964-1966 University of Rhode Island. Research Assistant in agricultural chemistry, pesticide analysis in food crops and animal tissue.

1966-1969 Peace Corps Volunteer, Brazil. Rural community development.

1969-1971 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) Research Assistant in Chemistry. Isolation and identification of biologically active chemicals.

1970-1993 Graduate level, marine-related courses (M.I.T. special student); plus Introduction to Substantive Law, Environmental Dispute Resolution, multiple short courses including analytical chemistry instrumentation, geographic information systems and computer systems.

1971-1973 WHOI Coordinator of a workshop in coastal zone management, including workshop planning and post-workshop editing of report, A?The Water's EdgeA? (MIT Press).

1973-1976 WHOI Research Assistant in Chemistry. Analysis of hydrocarbons in coastal and open ocean marine sediments.

1976-1985 WHOI Research Associate in Chemistry. Develop and use in situ experimentation apparatus to investigate the role of benthic organisms in the distribution and degradation of fossil fuel-derived aromatic hydrocarbons in coastal environments. Biogeochemistry of aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Participate in science advisory activities and assist with administration of WHOI Coastal Research Center.

1979-1985 Oceanic Literature Review/Deep Sea Research. Abstract journal articles in the fields of organic geochemistry, environmental pollution, marine policy, coastal zone management.

1985-1988 Leave of Absence to Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs. Advise Secretary of EOEA and coordinate EPA-funded National Estuary Program in Buzzards Bay, involving academic research, state agency coastal monitoring and resource management .

1988-1993 WHOI Research Associate, Coastal Research Center. CRC coordinator, assist administration, including project coordination, long-range planning, liason with state and federal agencies, staff supervision. Funded projects include: review existing analytical chemistry methods for toxics in marine animals, analyze deep water dump site sediments, data base development, Executive Officer International Mussel Watch, and local host for Gulf of Maine Scientific Symposium.

1993-1998 WHOI Research Associate, Rinehart CRC Assistant Director. Manage day-to-day administration of Coastal Research Center, including supervision of RCRC staff and budget. Oversight of RCRC outreach effort. Represent WHOI at Gulf of Maine Research Association (Vice-Chair, 1996-98); and National Association of Marine Labs. Funded projects include: Executive Officer, International Mussel Watch; USGS contaminated sediment database development; Kazakhstani scientific training; co-teach Mass Maritime Academy, course in Environmental Pollution Monitoring, conduct assessment of Gulf of Maine Monitoring program, develop "Coastal Briefs", a collection of electronic scientific summaries.

1998-2004 WHOI Research Associate, and COI-RCRC Assistant Director. Oversight of RCRC outreach effort, including Website. Represent WHOI at Gulf of Maine Research Association and National Association of Marine Labs. Funded projects include: USGS contaminated sediment database publication: co-teach Mass Maritime Academy, course in Environmental Pollution Monitoring, review oil drilling on Georges Bank, develop regional coastal observatory website. Field and laboratory research in cycling of natural organics in the coastal and open ocean. Student mentoring, including Summer Fellow field introduction to ocean samplers.


i) Experience with large project administration, including annual workplan develop-ment, RfP selection decision making, contract administration and oversight, final report preparation and presentation. Experience with workshop organization and management, including report editing/publication.

ii) Supervisory experience, laboratory and administrative assistants; students.

iii) Knowledge of analytical methods for environmental chemistry; responsibility for instrument maintenance and trouble-shooting; quantification of trace components in complex mixtures.

iv) Sea experience, including use and maintenance of various water and sediment samplers as well as other oceanographic techniques. Field sampling skills.

v) Basic fluency in Portuguese (Brasil). Training in Dispute Resolution.


Co-authorship of approximately three dozen scientific publications and technical reports, primarily on hydrocarbons in the marine environment. List appended below.


Presented paper and/or assisted with meeting organization for numerous scientific workshops and symposia.

Participated as member of committees related to coastal management, oil spill response, and coastal monitoring.

Team-teach Massachusetts Maritime Academy undergraduate course in Coastal Environmental Monitoring.
Member, Sigma Xi, The Oceanography Society
Vetelsen Award, 1994; annual award by WHOI to A?employee of the yearA?, nominated and selected by WHOI staff.
Dispute Resolution, basic training, 30-hour certificate course, 2004.

Falmouth Committee on Land Acquisition for Open Space Preservation and Conservation, 1974-1976.
Falmouth Town Meeting, 1979-2004 (elected to sequential 3-year terms).
Troop Committee; Boy Scout Troop 38, 1979-1992.
Judge, Falmouth High School Science Fair, 1980-2004.
Falmouth Conservation Commission, 1983-1987. Chairman, 1985-1987, Associate Member, 1987-Present.
Member, Citizens Advisory Committee, South Cape Beach Management, 1984-1985.
Co-founder (1985) and Member (1985-Present), Citizens Advisory Board, Falmouth 300 Committee (land trust), .
Falmouth representative, Buzzards Bay Advisory Committee, 1988-1994. (appointment by Board of Selectmen).
Falmouth representative, Cape Cod Marine Water Quality Task Force, 1990-1992 (appointment by Board of Selectmen).
Falmouth Representative (alternate), Cape Cod Coastal Resources Committee, 1992-96 (appointment by Board of Selectmen)
Member, Board of Directors, Assoc. for the Preservation of Cape Cod, 1992-98.
Guardian Award; Coalition for Buzzards Bay, 1993
Falmouth Cranberry Bog Committee, 1996-98
Chair, Black Beach-Sippiwissett Marsh DCPC Committee, 1996-98 (appointment by Board of Selectmen)
Univ. of Mass. Cranberry Bog Integrated Pest Management Committee, 1999-present


WHOI representative to Regional Research Association for the Gulf of Maine, 1992-2004 (vice chair, 1996-98)
WHOI representative to National Association of Marine Labs, 1996-2004.

Helden Associates, with I. Valiela, 1974. Impact of construction on salt marsh and estuary (hydrocarbon analyses).
Town of Falmouth, with S. Wakeham, 1980. Assessment of tetrachloroethylene in public water distribution network (water analyses).
Town of Falmouth, 1980-1982. Analyses of Ashumet Pond water samples for water quality assessment (hydrocarbon analysis).
Jardine Glanville Ltd., with J. Farrington, 1983. Assessment of Cabinda Gulf Oil Co./SONAGOL blowout of well 45-2x, Angola (data assessment).
U.S. EPA, with John Farrington, 1985-1987. Advice in support of court suit filed as a part of New Bedford Harbor Superfund (data review).
Town of Falmouth, with Chris Clark, 1988. Promulgation of wetlands protection regulations under authority of local bylaw (co-author wetlands regulations).
Town of Falmouth, assist to revise and update "Open Space Plan", 1991
Woods Hole Group, 1998. Assist in proposal preparation, Caspian Sea Environmental Programme.
Woods Hole Group, 1998. Document control, and editing in preparation of Salem Power Plant discharge permit application.


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