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Adam A Soule

»Analog models of the pahoehoe-to-aa transition
»Submarine lava flow emplacement at the East Pacific Rise 9?50'N
»Pahoehoe to 'a'a transition, Hawai'i
»Mechanical properties of solid PEG-600
»Contours on clay
»NorCal mapping
»Pahoehoe to 'a'a transition, shear rate
»Recent Abstract 1
»Recent Abstract 2
»Recent Abstract 3
»Recent Abstract 4
»Recent Abstract 5

Soule, S.A., Cashman, K.V., Rust, A.L., Senkovitch, D., Characterizing the physical properties of PEG, an analog for basaltic lava, EOS Transactions AGU, 83, 19, V21B-0972, 2001

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