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Modelling Ship and Right Whale Interactions

Regina Campbell-Malone, WHOI/MIT Graduate Student Ken Balwin and Igor Tsukrov, University of New Hampshire

With support from NOAA Fisheries and the WHOI Ocean Life Institute we are using the lower jaw of the right whale as a test case, we are modelling the phsysical and material properties of blunt force collision between right whales and large ships. This should establish a better understanding of the force required for lethality in such a collision.
2008                Campbell-Malone, Barco S, Daoust, PY, Knowlton, A, McLellan W, Rotstein D, Moore M. Gross 
and histologic evidence of sharp and blunt trauma in North Atlantic right whales (Eubalaena glacialis) 
killed by ships. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine vol. 39:37-55 

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