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Participants of the ASI V, Module II (from left to right): Prof. Uli Bleil (Bremen Univ.), Jaime Soto, Carolina Cisternas, Ximena Contardo, Bernhard P-E, Carolina Becerra, Valentina Flores, Paulina Lohse, Jenny Nilsson, Praxedes Munos, Bibiana Jara (Teaching Assistant), German Aguilar and Maria Loreto Cordova. (Danielle Barriga, UDEC)

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The beginning of the hike to Berg Lake, Canadian Rocky Mountains (BPE)

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The 2011 Geodynamics Group at Berg Lake underneath Mount Robson, Canadian Rocky Mountains. (BPE)

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Relaxing at the fabulous Swiss Bakery in Valemount, after the hike to Berg Lake. (BPE)

Teaching and Outreach Activities

1) WHOI: Since 1998, I have been teaching graduate courses in the MIT-WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography, specifically MARINE ISOTOPE GEOCHEMISTRY (1998, 2000, 2002-05, 2012, 2014), ISOTOPE CHEMISTRY (2003-05, 2010) and the SEMINAR IN CHEMICAL OCEANOGRAPHY (1998, 1999, 2009).

I have been advising SUMMER STUDENT FELLOWS Lillie Jaffe (UCSD, 2000), Brett Walker (UCSC, 2004), Jared Singer (U Utah, 2006), Christine Waters (UTEP, 2008) and Kimberley Mayfield (U Hawaii, 2012), as well as JP STUDENTS Christian Miller (now U Hawaii at Manoa), Britta Voss (now Mendenhall Postdoctoral Researcher at the USGS in Boulder, CO), Katie Kirsch (MS from Colorado School of Mines) and Andrea Dubin (defending soon).

Together with Ed Sholkovitz, I have co-advised WHOI POSTDOCTORAL SCHOLAR Robyn Hannigan (now Dept. Chair at Boston University), Tim Eglinton and I co-adivsed POSTDOCTORAL SCHOLAR Valier Galy (now an Associate Scientist at WHOI).   I have also advised POSTDOCTORAL SCHOLAR Indra Sen (now Assitant Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur).

In addition, guest students Andrew Jacobson (Dartmouth College), Oliver Woodhouse (SOC - jointly with Greg Ravizza) and Tim Donovan (SOC) as well as guest scientists Drs. Candace Martin, Stefan Schroeder, Sebastien Rauch, Martin Rosner, Hassan Baioumy and Adjunct Scientists Birger Schmitz (Lund University, Sweden) have worked in my lab.

2) MIT-WHOI GEODYNAMICS PROGRAM:  In 2011 we organized a lecture series and field trip centered on the role of rivers in the hydrologic cycle.  The field trip to the Fraser River basin in British Columbia, Canada, led the group to the splendid Berg Lake Trail in the Canadian Rockies, white-water rafting on a tributary to the Fraser River, and a one-day boat trip to the Fraser River estuary near Vancouver (see photos)

3) AUSTRAL SUMMER INSTITUTE V:  The University of Concepcion in Chile, with support from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the Fundacion Andes, has been organizing lecture series on topics relevant to Marine Geology and Geophysics since 2001.  In January 2005, I have been invited to give a one-week lecture series (Jan. 10-14) on Marine Radiogenic Isotope Records with special focus on the marine strontium, osmium and neodymium isotope records and isotope geochemistry in general (see photo of participating students)

4) JOY OF LEARNING PROGRAM - FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY In 1997, I have given a short (four 45-min presentations) lecture series for the general public on Space Junk (i.e., small extraterrestrial bodies such as cosmic dust, meteorites, comets and asteroids).  The lecture series is organized by the Falmouth Public Library and open to the general public at no cost.

5) SCIENCE FAIRS From 2002 until 2010, I have been judging contributions to the annual Science Fair at the Falmouth High School in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

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