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December 22-25, 2004

December 22, 2004
Today we hit the town to do some shopping and last chance sightseeing. We revisited some of the stores that we saw just before leaving for the cruise (which seems like decades ago!?). The shops and streets were crowded with venders and tons of Chilean Christmas shoppers. It is very different knowing that it is summer here and seeing no snow but knowing that it is almost Christmas! Guess that is just the northerner in me talking... I can't wait to get home to snow!

Tonight we had our cruise banquet - a night to feast and say thanks to the entire team for a great cruise and an incredible, unforgettable experience.  Though I am excited about finally coming home, we have all become quite attached to one another. Like strangers stranded on this incredibly well-equipped steel "island" we've shared a lot of laughs, new scientific discoveries, great meals, hard work and pieces of ourselves with one another. Before leaving we will all do our best to exchange photos, e-mail and home addresses so that we can keep in touch. We leave tomorrow as colleagues and friends and I truly hope that our paths will cross again.

03:04:08 S 53 deg 10.17' W 070 deg 54.39' air 11.6 deg C, winds 1-3 knots,
ship speed 0 knots (docked!) depth 17 m

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