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Novel low-oxygen paleoredox proxies

Sune Nielsen, Woods Hole Oceanography Istitution
Chris Reinhard, California Institute of Technology
Noah Planavsky, Yale University
Dalton Hardisty, University of California-Riverside
Zunli Lu, Syracuse University

Understanding the geochemical rock record is critical to access planetary habitability and coupled chemical and biological evolution. A fundamental gap currently remains for accessing reduced oxygenation including, anoxic ocean conditions which could play a major role in Phanerozoic extinctions and retard biological evolution in the Proterozoic. Many of these metals are vitally important to cellular metabolisms and biotic evolution but these elements are typically drawndown during widespread reduced oxygen oceans. These metals are enriched in sediments deposited under low-to-anoxic bottom waters. Importantly, there are numerous elements that enrich prior to the availability of sulfide and sulfide-dependent trace metals (e.g. Mo). The overall interest is to refine our current knowledge of bottom water oxygenation which could lead to important implications for the oxygenation of the early ocean and the evolution of life.

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