The Home Page Builder has been tested for compatibility with these platform and browser combinations:
  • PC
    Tested using IE 4, 5 and 6, Mozilla 1.2-1.7, and Netscape 4.7 - 7.1.
  • Mac OS X
    Tested using Mozilla 1.2-1.7, and Netscape 7.0 -7.1, Safari 1.2.1
  • Linux
    Tested using Mozilla 1.4 and Netscape 7.1.

  • NOTE:
    Core functionality is the same on all platforms, but some text-formatting features that allow text to be edited using a visual, Microsoft-word style editor within the browser are only available on Windows. This is due to the use of an Active-X plug-in called eWebEditPro. We are in the process of testing a Java applet which will allow similar editing features on other platforms.

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