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Diane Poehls Adams
Diane K Poehls's photoDiane Poehls Adams
Guest Investigator

Contact Information:
Work: 508 289 3679
Building: Redfield 120

Mailing Address:
Mailstop 34
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole, MA 02543

Research Interests
  • larval dispersal & ecology
  • developmental ecology
  • biophysical interactions
  • hydrothermal vents
  • sea urchins
  • larval behavior
  • neurogenesis

Current Affiliations
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, National Institutes of Health
  • Professorial Lecturer, American University
  • Guest Investigator, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

  • 2007 Ph.D, Biological Oceanography, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • 2001 B.S., Aquatic Biology, University of California, Santa Barbara

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