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Tristan J Horner
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Research Interests
My research aims to understand the marine biogeochemistry of metals. By combining a range of techniques, ranging from mass spectrometric to genomic, my work examines: metal cycling in the modern ocean; processes that control the deposition and removal of metals from seawater; relating metal availability to phytoplankton physiology and how this modulates primary productivity; how metal availability may affect Earth's climate over geological timescales (and vice versa).

Recent projects include:
  • Studying 'micronutrient' metal cycling in the modern ocean and interactions with marine primary producers
  • Investigating patterns, processes, and mechanisms of metal isotope fractionation in biological systems
  • Understanding environmental and physiological controls on trace metal incorporation into CaCO3
  • Probing the fildelty of sedimentary archives to record seawater metal isotope chemistry

  • M.Sci Geology and Geophysics (Imperial College London; 2004-2008)
  • D.Phil Earth Sciences (University of Oxford; 2008-2012)

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