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Scott D Wankel
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My research broadly centers on understanding how natural-abundance stable isotopes integrate the relative importance of physical, chemical and biological processes that regulate the cycling of biogeochemically important compounds. More specifically, my research focuses on gaining a mechanistic understanding of the cycling of bio-available forms of nitrogen and carbon, including specific coupled interactions with cycling of other important elements such as sulfur, iron and manganese. My group is also interested in disentangling the relative importance of biotic and abiotic interactions, as well as the relative contribution of various groups of organisms (fungi vs. bacteria vs. archaea) in driving biogeochemical transformations. We therefore study these biogeochemical cycles across a variety of environments, ranging from coastal to deep-sea ecosystems. We also work to bring new and experimental stable isotope tools to bear on these questions, including the use of novel isotope systems and the development of cutting-edge technologies for field deployment and underwater isotope measurements.

Analytical Techniques Employed
Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry, Gas Chromatography, Ion Chromatography, Laser Absorption Spectroscopy, Underwater ('in situ') Instrumentation, Quantitative Molecular Microbiology

2007 Ph.D., Dept of Geological and Environmental Sciences, Stanford University 2000 M.En.S., Institute of Environmental Science, Miami University 1996 B.S., Earth and Environmental Science, Furman University 1996 B.A., German, Furman University 

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