Battery Packs

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One of the six alkaline battery packs assembled by Cape Abilities worker Carol Dimock. (Photo by Art Newhall)

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Senior Scientist Rob Evans explains the project.

A common site around Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, alkaline battery packs supply power to many oceanographic instruments, buoys, and underwater vehicles.

Acoustics researcher Art Newhall of the Ocean Acoustics and Signals Lab (in the Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering Dept.) contacted Cape Abilities to assemble a number of power packs for use in the REMUS AUV Gateway Bouy. These packs will be used during field work to study acoustic scattering from fish schools. 

Cape Abilities Worker Carol Dimock, who learned soldering on the Silver Silver Chloride Electrode project, assembled six packs. She performed all of the steps necessary in the build-up:
  • Cutting and stripping wire
  • Tinning wires and batteries
  • Mechanical assembly of the batteries into a pack
  • Wiring two sets of 9 batteries in series to create the requisite 14.4V pack 
  • Final wrapping of the pack
  • Adding Molex pins and shell for external connection
The packs were load tested and cleared for use by the project manager. 


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