ROV Drill System Cruise Budgeting

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Management and Budgeting of the ROV Drill System as a Third-Party Tool

The ROV Drill System will be operated under the Third Party Tool Guidelines for General Use Tools developed by the UNOLS Deep Submergence Science Committee (see web link: tool.html).  We believe that the scientific and technical merit of the proposed ROV based drill system, its operational viability, integration with the Jason2 ROV vehicle system, and its general applicability to a wide spectrum of deep submergence science meet all the key criteria laid out by DESSC in respect to operating the system as a General Use Third Party Tool.

Tivey and Fornari will manage the drill system and ensure its availability and scheduling, and will oversee ongoing maintenance using engineers and technicians skilled in operations and servicing of deep submergence instrumentation.  Management and scheduling will include periodic and good communications with the DESSC, UNOLS, Federal Agency program managers, and the WHOI NDSF and Marine Operations.  Given our close management and scientific collaboration with NDSF on many issues, the drill system will be well integrated into the support structure for the ROV operations group at NDSF.  

When the system is scheduled for use during a field program, we envision that the field costs associated with that usage (e.g., technician time, expendables, shipping and travel, etc.) will be borne by the science proposal.  This will have been budgeted for as a result of our pre-proposal planning with prospective PIs, and the easy access to technical and budgetary information related to the drill system provided by the drill system’s webpage.  Routine maintenance costs for the first few years of operation have been budgeted in order to keep the system properly staged for field use, as well as ensuring that it is integrated with the current ROV Jason2 mechanical, electrical and telemetry systems.  Maintenance is a key ingredient in the success of any oceanographic technical operation and we will ensure that this happens by having a dedicated drilling technician at WHOI who is supported for 1-2 months per year to be responsible for the maintenance and operation of the drill on shore and would help support it at sea.  We believe that the engineering requirements of the drilling system long-term can be adequately taken care of by employing NDSF engineers when appropriate and when they have time, or other WHOI engineers well versed in operations and maintenance of complex oceanographic equipment.  

For instance, we estimate that the cost to a P.I. for using the ROV Drill System for a four week cruise on the Juan De Fuca Ridge based out of Seattle, WA will be on order the of $25-30K, depending on logistics and cruise duration.  
The estimated cost breakdown for drill use on a cruise is as follows:
1) $  4,000    Shipping/logistics - drill system and spares from WHOI to staging port and return
2) $18,000    Drill Technician salary for approximately four weeks of at sea time (fully loaded)
3) $  3,500   Expendables (bits, explosive charge for cutter, misc.).
4) $     700    Insurance - for the ~$250,000 capital replacement value of the drill system
5) $ 1,200    Drill Technician travel - roundtrip travel to and from the ship

TOTAL per cruise estimated cost    $27,400.


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