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(Original photo D. Kourkoumelis)

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» Article in New Scientist
An article about our deep water archaeology program appeared in the March 4, 2006 issue of the journal New Scientist, written by David Dobbs. Note: there is an inaccuracy in the article regarding the age of the Chios wreck. It is Classical (4th century B.C.), not Bronze Age (28th to 13th century B.C.).

» ΑΩ article
Article in Greek about the WHOI-Hellenic Ministry of Culture partnership, published in ΑΩ The Scholarly Journal of the Alexander S. Onassis Foundation.

» Article in Eleftherotypia, 19 March 2006
Feature article in the Epsilon magazine section of Eleftherotypia, the largest Greek daily newspaper. [This article in Greek]

» Article in Der Spiegel, 21 February 2006
A short article featuring the Chios project and the SeaBED AUV appeared in the German magazine, Der Spiegel, in February 2006. [This article in German]

Related Links

» New Scientist podcast
This is an interview podcast conducted by New Scientist magazine. In it Dr. Brendan Foley describes the Chios project, some of the results from the 2005 season, and the significance of new robotic survey technology for underwater archaeology.

Popular Science feature, March 2012

Feature in Popular Science, describing some of our vision for the future of Maritime Archaeology.

Feature in Nature

Nature discusses WHOI's search for shipwrecks dating to the origins of civilization. Journalist Jo Marchant accompanied the Greek and American team during our project near Knossos, Crete in the autumn of 2011.

The Economist

The Economist discusses deep water archaeology around the Mediterranean, conducted by WHOI and our partners in Greece, Egypt, Cyprus, and Algeria.

Ancient DNA research profiled in Science

Our ancient DNA results throw new light on ancient trade, particularly wine in Classical Greece.

Ancient DNA research profiled in Nature

Nature discusses our ancient DNA findings

Ancient DNA research profiled in ScienceNews

Another look at our ancient DNA research

Boston Globe writes about our ancient DNA research

The Boston Globe took notice of the Massachusetts State Police connection to our ancient DNA work.

PBS NOVA podcast

PBS NOVA's David Levin dicusses with Dr. Brendan Foley the future of underwater archaeology. New technologies allow scientists to ask new questions, and can open the past in ways never before possible.

NPR "The Point" with Mindy Todd

WHOI Marine Archaeologist Brendan Foley talks about his study of ancient civilizations. We discuss the technologies that make the deep sea accessible and how DNA is being used in his research. He also talks about his recent trip off the coast of Greece and what shipwrecks can tell us about the roots of our civilization. Originally aired on WCAI "The Point" with Mindy Todd on 15 November 2010. 

NPR "The Point" with Mindy Todd

Host Mindy Todd and Dr. Brendan Foley discuss WHOI's shipwreck archaeology research, ancient DNA investigations, and aspects of working in the Mediterranean region. The show originally aired on National Public Radio affiliate WCAI on May 8, 2010.

New Hampshire Public Radio - "The Exchange"

August 30, 2004 broadcast on the topic of underwater archaeology with host Laura Knoy, Professor David Switzer, and Dr. Brendan Foley.

WHOI Oceanus article

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Instutition produces a journal, Oceanus, to describe some of the cutting-edge research conducted here. The Institution's archaeology program is featured in the December 2009 edition.

The Onassis Public Benefit Foundation

The Alexander S. Onassis Foundation in Athens published an article in its scholarly journal, ΑΩ. The piece is written by Brendan Foley and translated into Greek. It discusses research conducted by the WHOI-Hellenic Ministry of Culture partnership.

Click here for article pdf, or on link to right.

London Daily Telegraph

The London Daily Telegraph published an article on our breakthrough method of determining ancient cargoes through DNA in "empty" amphoras.

2005 Chios Classical Shipwreck Project in the News

Public presentation of results is an important aspect of our research. Following the 2005 Chios shipwreck survey, several journals and newspapers around the world published articles relating our work and some of the imagery from the cruise.

A few of the articles can be viewed as pdf files, linked in the side bar to the right of this page. The press release and an example of how the project was portrayed in the press can be seen through the links below.

The MIT School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences motto is "Great Ideas Change the World". Click here for links to MIT SHASS page on deep water archaeology, published in December 2009.


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