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Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding

Neatline Associates

Neatline Associates ( is a GIS consulting company based in Deerfield, NH. Neatline works with local municipalities, non-profits, natural resources professionals, and others to provide an extensive range of planning, database development, mapping and training services. Neatline Associates will help us develop graphics and a web-based data visualization scheme to help disseminate our results to end users. In addition they will assist us in developing the web-based tutorials to educate end users and the general public. 

The Nature Concervancy 

Princeton University

Dr. Ning Lin leads a research group at Princeton University focused on tropical cyclone hazards and climate change. Her group integrates science, engineering, and policy to study tropical-cyclone-related weather extremes (strong winds, heavy rainfall, and storm surges), how they change with climate, and how their impact on society can be better mitigated. Lin and others recently developed a physically based modeling and risk assessment method for hurricane storm surges and have applied the method to various coastal areas around the world (e.g., New York City and Tampa in US, Shanghai in China, and Darwin and Cairns in Australia). Dr. Lin will provide high-resolution inundation and wave modeling for a many of the most extreme historic hurricanes impacting Buzzards Bay using the ADCIRC/SWAN modeling package. Her group will also run simulations to assess the protective services provided by coastal wetlands and potential artificial reefs in the bay. 

Water Quality and Ocean Acidification

Buzzards Bay Coalition

The Buzzards Bay Coalition is a membership sponsored non-profit organization whose mission is the restoration, protection, and management of Buzzards Bay and its watershed. The BBC sponsors many outreach projects each year, including outdoor events, scientific training, and web and news based dissemination of their mission. The BBC supports a large citizen-science volunteer program to collect and analyze water quality data. 

Marine Biological Laboratory 

Buzzards Bay National Estuary Program 

Ocean Warming and Fisheries

Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation 

The Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation (CFRF) is a non-profit, private foundation dedicated to supporting research that assists in the achievement of sustainable fisheries through the generation of better information and effective technologies. Its work is for the benefit of individuals and businesses dependent on commercial fishing, consumers of seafood, and the public good.

The CFRF was founded in 2004 by a group of fishermen and others in the industry in order to establish an alternative process for supporting fisheries research that would be lead by members of the commercial fishing industry. Initially the Foundation’s work focused on supporting collaborative conservation gear engineering projects, specifically in the groundfish fishery. The aim was for fishermen and scientists to work together to develop new gear or modify existing gear to allow fishermen to fish more selectively for species in abundance while protecting those stock in need of rebuilding. Since that time the Foundation’s work has expanded to include research pertinent to all fishing sectors (shellfish, lobster, finfish, etc.) and all areas of research important to the commercial fishing industry based in the southern New England region.

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