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Ron Timm

When I was discharged from the @us.marine.corps, my wife and I relocated to Cape Cod, where she is from. In the Marine Corps, I was an administrator with computer training so that gave me the background to start as an Administrative Assistant to WHOI’s Director of External Relations. Due to my background and knowledge of computers, I was moved to the technical ladder as a Systems Administrator and eventually promoted to Business Analyst.⁠

My time in the Marine Corps certainly molded me in a way that helped my career over the years. We learn the importance of teamwork and relying on one another. No project is successful unless people work together to accomplish the task. The trick is to learn what works best for each individual and work with them so they can excel. Now, when we’re in situations where we’re unsure of how to do something, I’ve learned to keep pressing forward and pay attention to find solutions. If I could give any advice to my younger self, it would be, “Don't be afraid to take calculated risks, especially if you are confident that the outcome will help others.”⁠

For many years at #WHOI, I’ve had the freedom to make suggestions, provide input, and seek out ways to simplify processes. I’ve been given the opportunity to assist many different departments and bring in software solutions to make things easier or better. I look forward to what we'll be able to accomplish in the near future. Technology is moving fast, and I’m fortunate to play a small role in trying to keep up with it for our Business Systems.⁠