Oceanographic Buoy Moorings for Discrete Underwater Sound Detection


Walter Paul, Donald B. Peters


The ability to transmit oceanographic date from sub-surface sensors through the surface to shore-based laboratories has been a challenge due to the harsh surface conditions.  A robust and reliable data conduit enables real-time data transmission and is a critical requirement for advancing ocean observation.


The device enables oceanographic surface buoy mooring systems to detect and monitor in real time underwater noise at most sea state and weather conditions.  In particular, the systems and methods provide moorings that can support a hydrophone or other underwater listening devices connected to a surface buoy located at a deep sea position. The mooring includes an expandable tether cable/hose that reduces noise generated underwater when the buoy moves in response to wave and weather.  The system is also applicable to sensors other than hydrophones.


  • Real-time underwater listening devices for marine mammal detection
  • Sensor deployment in marine coastal waters for real-time observation
  • Listening stations for homeland security and drug smuggling enforcement

Key Benefits

  • Reliable real-time data transmission from subsurface sensors to shore
  • Robust design isolates surface activity from subsurface devices
  • Operable in high sea state conditions

Stage of Development

An exclusive license has been issued to EOM Offshore, LLC, a WHOI-owned company.

Patent Number

US Patent 61201011

Relevant Industries

Ocean Observation
Marine Mammal Research