2016 OEI Projects

2015 OEI Projects

Hydrothermal Exploration of the Society Islands Hot-Spot

Chris German, Geology & Geophysics
Jeff Seewald, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry
Sean Sylva , Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry

2014 DOEI Projects

2013 DOEI Projects

Ocean Acidification Initiative Project

Anna Michel, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering
Scott Wankel, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry

2012 DOEI Projects

2012 Ocean Ridge Initiative (ORI) Projects

2011 DOEI Projects

2011 Ocean Ridge Initiative (ORI) Projects

2010 DOEI Projects

2010 Ocean Ridge Initiative (ORI) Projects

2009 DOEI Projects

Toward In-situ Measurements of the CO2 System in Deep Ocean

Zhaohui Wang, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry
Fritz Sonnichsen, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering

2009 Ocean Ridge Initiative (ORI) Projects

2008 DOEI Projects

Projects by Date

Projects by Date

Projects by Date

2005 DOEI Projects

A DOEI Workshop on Interactions Between Tsunamis and Underwater Geological Processes

Jian Lin,Geology & Geophysics,
Jason Goodman, Physical Oceanography
Di Jin, Marine Policy Center
Ralph Stephen, Geology & Geophysics

Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

Alan Chave, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering

Water Sampling from Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Hanumant Singh, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering
Richard Camilli, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry
Terence Hammar, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering
Jeffrey Seewald, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering

Projects by Date

Projects by Date

Projects by Date

Projects by Date