Coastal Ocean Institute: Coastal Research Lab


The Coastal Research Laboratory (CRL) provides space and equipment for experimental work and for instrument development, construction, and testing. The CRL building contains three specialized laboratories on the first floor, one for the study of geophysical fluid dynamics, another for biological effects research, and a room for work on specialized instrumentation. In addition, a small machine shop provides support for most routine work. Offices and a conference room with a small library are located on the second floor of the building.

Experimental flumes are no longer housed at the Coastal Research Laboratory. The racetrack flume has been moved to the Shore Lab. For more information on flume history look under About COI History for CRL Flumes and High Bay section. 

Running seawater is available in CRL for research and for support of live marine organisms.
The high-bay area features a 20-ton overhead crane capable of moving heavy pieces of gear without disturbing ongoing experiments. The high-bay is also used for developing and servicing large sea-going measurement devices, such as current meter arrays and instrument-bearing tripod systems and for maintenance of the small boats.