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R/V Knorr Scientific Equipment

Winches & Wire

Knorr is outfitted with three permanently installed oceanographic winches used to deploy scientific instrumentation.

Cranes & Overside Handling

Knorr is outfitted with two permanently installed hydraulic marine cranes manufactured by Allied Marine Cranes.


An 18-foot Avon rigid inflatable work boat powered by an 80 hp outboard motor is carried on board.

Scientific Instrumentation

The National Science Foundation (NSF) Shipboard Technician Grant provides support for a suite of scientific instrumentation available for use aboard WHOI vessels.

Navigation Equipment

Knorr is outfitted with a full suite of navigational equipment as required by regulation and as dictated by her principal scientific missions.


As installed on Knorr, the SeaBeam 3012-P1 system consists of underhull projectors and diver-replaceable hydrophones (yielding a two-degree by two-degree beam pattern), a single 19" electronics rack, an operator's workstation and peripherals.