ADCP Photo Gallery

Two ADCPs are often lowered together, one facing the surface and the other facing the bottom, to double the length of the current profile. The metal cage around the ADCPs that Senior Engineering Assistant Scott Worrilow of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is helping overboard holds the instruments in place and protects them from accidental bangs against the ship's hull. (Claudia Cenedese)
A mixture of petroleum jelly and chili powder repels barnacles in a Florida bay without interupting sound waves, while the garbage bags and electrical tape keep the rest of the instrument clean. (Jim Culter, Mote Marine Laboratory)
The open ocean is often so deep that the pings from a vessel mounted ADCP won?t reach the seafloor. Scott Worrilow (left) and Jimmy Ryder, both of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, lowered this ADCP from the ship on a cable. (Claudia Cenedese)
This ADCP and the instrument platform it is mounted on are anchored to the seafloor at a coastal observatory off of the southern shore of Martha's Vineyard. The ADCP measures water movements in the 40 feet of water above it and sends continuous data to the observatory's shore lab. (Jayne Doucette)

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