Chile (Easter Island)


Master R/V Ship Name
Attn: Scientist's Name
c/o A.J. Broom & Cia S.A.C.
Blanco St. 951
Casillar 910

Contact: Jean Michel Aguila/Francisco Malinarich
Phone: 56-32-268200
Fax: 56-32-213308

Local sub-agent in Hanga Roa is Mr. Juan Edmunds (

Note: For any item sent to the vessel, either via air or sea freight, AWB or B/L must be consigned to the address above exactly, with the remark "Cargo or goods in transit to R/V Ship Name".

The agent suggests the AWB indicate place of discharge or delivery directly to Hanga Roa, Isla de Pascua/Easter Island, Chile. If this not acceptable by the airline, destination may be Santiago, Chile. In this case the agent will arrange local leg Santiago to Easter Island, but please keep the agent advised about weight/dimensions each package. The agent must be notified of all incoming packages.